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I am a native of Southern California, third generation Los Angelino. 


IPSB School of Integrative Psycho Structural Bodywork Culver City and Santa Monica, California

Sports Massage & Assisted Stretching, IPSB Foundations, MBLEX Overview, more to come

Kali Institute for Massage & Somatic Therapies  Ventura, California

Received Certification in the Massage Therapist Program which included: Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, First Aid, Neuro-Muscular Bodywork, Restorative Exercise, Shiatsu, Thai, Qi Gong and Thai Chi.


CAMTC (Certified Massage Therapy Council - State of California) Certified Massage Therapist  - Must meet training requirements from accredited school, pass all background checks (CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Court Systems) adhere to all  guidelines presented by CAMTC, maintain continued education and renew certification every 3 yrs.

AMTA Member (Amercian Massage Therapy Association)

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Work is done on an extra wide 35 inch wide heated Earthlite professional massage table.  The room can be either air conditioned or heated depending on your preference.  Non-scented Lotus Touch Massage Crème or Lotus Touch Massage Oil can be used, either are used sparingly.


My goal is to have you walk away saying, 'That was unbelievable and quite possibly the best massage I have ever had".  I work on all body types, from white collar to blue collar to athletes to weekend warriors.  I use strong, rhythmic strokes and a great massage routine, paying attention to details as to where you are holding tension in your body and customizing it as I go along. I incorporate many modalities to ease your body’s aches and pains to help reestablish movement and flexibility.


If you have any questions, please ask.

CAMTC certified massage therapist

massage bodywork stretching

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